Flax Seeds Help Fight Cancer


The recommended use of flax seeds is one to two tablespoons per day.

Flax seeds can be added in yogurt, cereals, muesli, meal and serve as prevention for many diseases.

There are other reasons for the use of flax seeds, other than it aids in digestion and preventing of diabetes type 2.

New studies have found that flax seeds are also rich with factors such as hormone-modularised phytoestrogenes, which actually help reduce the adverse impacts of estrogenes in the body, especially the impacts associated with promoting the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Scientists explain that based on numerous tests flax seeds seemed fully able to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and other diseases associated with hormones, without the need for drugs that often have undesirable consequences.

The main impact of this effect is responsible for the selective modulation of estrogen receptors or the ability to regulate the influence of estrogen in tissues which may cause harm, and re-regulated in other places where we can benefit.

Instead of becoming harmful, especially in males, phytoestrogene plant may have the functional purpose of blocking the estrogen harmful espousing hormones linked to cancer, as illustrated by several studies, including the study published in the journal “Clinical Cancer Research”.

In patients who have eaten a cake with 25 g of flax seed for 32 days, it was observed to have a significant reduction in tumor markers, as well as significant increase in apoptosis or programmed death of cancer cells.

Studies have shown that flax seeds help fight cancer.

Similarly, studies published in the journal “Cancer Epidemiologi” have shown that men who use flax seeds in their food, have had much better results in terms of the spread of cancer cells compared to men with no seeds of flax ┬áin their food.

In both cases, flax seed significantly reduce the activity of cancer cells and proliferation, suggesting that the seeds may have much more active role in preventing and curing cancer./inhealthyzone.com/