Popular Remedy For Treatment Of Asthma, Bronchitis And Chronic Lung Diseases


Each and everyone of us at some point of life has had problems with lungs.

There are many different problems but the most common are bronchitis, asthma and various types of cough. Lung problems can be caused by various infections or other conditions, such as allergies and smoking.

Therefore, we bring you the recipe of a popular remedy that will help you in solving your lung diseases.

The remedy is old, but effective and we bring you the very original form of its preparation. Here’s how to prepare it …



  • half a kilogram of onions
  • half a kilogram of sugar
  • two lemons
  • 5 liters of water
  • 7 tablespoons of natural honey


First we take the sugar and place in a metal container, place it on the stove, cook on a low heat and stir until it gets a golden brown color.

Then add minced onion and cook it along with the sugar, then add water and cook together in a medium temperature until the water evaporates and remains only 1/3 of it.

Leave the container aside to cool and then add the juice of two squeezed lemons and the honey. Finally let the mixture rest a little, and then store it in glass bottles….

How To Consume:

It is important to remember to eat a spoonful of medicine before each meal.

If after this therapy, problems with lungs still exists, repeat the process of the remedy until the lungs are healed completely.

Source: Femra.net