This Is The Reason Why 90% Of Us Can Not Lose Weight!

the reason why we cannot lose weight

Some claim that it is due to unhealthy food, others say it is the lack of exercise, while the truth is so simple …

Medical studies have found that most people who want to lose weight, have not considered a very important thing  – and it is mental health.

“Consumption of food due to the removal of negative emotions is not necessarily a bad thing, as long we keep this need under control”.

In the survey, which was attended by more than 1,000 Americans, 31% of respondents believe that lack of exercise is the biggest obstacle to losing weight, 26% think that the fault is in the unhealthy food, while 17% responded that the way of poor living and its costs hinder the losing of weight. Only one in ten of inquired people have quoted mental health as a real obstacle.

“Anyone who can not lose weight, blames the lack of exercise and bad eating habits. However, one must consider the reason why we eat!”, said Diane Robinson, neuropsychologist at Health Institute of Orlando.

In fact, for many people the process of eating is an emotional experience. We cannot forget that while it is difficult now to console ourselves with food, as a child, adults have rewarded us with sweets for good behavior.

“Consumption of food to remove negative emotions, is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we are aware of what we are doing and we keep this under control!” – says Robinson.

After a delicious food, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure and comfort. Thus, our body is happy and we feel good. However, the emotional attachment to food becomes a problem when the person eats mainly because of comforting feeling.

“If you want to achieve the best results in losing weight, try to better understand yourself and be aware of what makes you feel unhappy and uncomfortable, because it is the reason why you “die” to eat even when you’re not really hungry!” – advises Robinson./